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As a full service insolvency firm, we are able to assist with formal appointments for individuals, and corporate interests. Please contact KHR Insolvency for an obligation free consultation to discuss your circumstances.

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Corporate Insolvency

The circumstances of your company's financial position, will have a significant bearing on the options available to you.


We can assist with your company's needs by any of the following appointments.

Voluntary Administration

Deed of Company Arrangement


Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Court Liquidation

Provisional Liquidation

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Personal Insolvency

There are a number of ways in which we can assist in dealing with your personal debts, by utilising the protections offered by the Bankruptcy Act.

These options include the following.

Personal Insolvency Agreement

Debt Agreements

Bankruptcy - Debtors Petition

Bankruptcy - Creditors Petition

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Advisory & Other

In addition to the formal appointments referred to above, we also offer the following services.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Statutory Trustee Appointments (Section 66G of the Conveyancing Act NSW)

Pre-Insolvency Review and Reconstruction

Investigating Accountants Report

Safe Harbour

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